Sunday, August 14, 2016

Meta-blog: What would you like to see here?

I'd like to ask for help from the people who read this blog and like the MMA stuff.

I've had people say in casual conversation that they'd like to hear more about my MMA training, but I don't necessarily know how exactly to go about doing that.

So what would you actually like to hear about?

I keep a daily journal of things I learned in last night's training and what I did, but that's almost entirely for my own notes. Bringing a recording device to training every night is not practical.

There's a ton of MMA content being put out there by excellent professional writers and videographers -- what things would make you interested in my fight blog instead of any other fighter's? Please leave a comment below. If I get some good feedback, I will try to write more regularly.

(If you are unable to comment below, please feel free to e-mail: t at