Wednesday, August 12, 2015

REMATCH! Chan vs Wasuk II

A little over two months ago, I fought Ali Wasuk and won a unanimous decision. Last time out, because of new rules recently instituted in British Columbia and because Ali had fewer than three fights, the fight had to be conducted without strikes to the face on the ground. Now that Ali has three fights, he is eligible to fight with "ground and pound", the trademark of MMA.

Apparently, he feels that it will be a completely different fight with ground and pound, and he has asked for a rematch.

I am more than happy to grant him this rematch. While I admire his heart, I think this is a poor decision for him. I'm sure he was motivated by his loss back in April and will be training even harder this time around.

But I am extremely motivated by the idea that he thinks he will win under the more complete MMA rule set. I believe, however, that this gives me an even bigger advantage to press. This time, I intend to finish the fight by KO or submission, and I am committed to not allowing it to go the distance.

So that's the setup. The full fight card is here, and tickets will be on sale soon. As last time, if you do purchase tickets online, please do e-mail your receipt to This helps support me for future events. Thanks!

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  1. I like that spite and vengeance are motivating this rematch. With any luck, the two of you will misbehave at the weigh-in!