Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Fight recap video

Trying out something new this time. In the past, I've written lengthy blog posts about my pre and post fight. But this time, there were so many people who watched my fight on the live stream that didn't know what were going on and had a lot of questions to ask.

For them, I've posted a video with commentary. Check it out! (Make sure you have annotations ON.)

Comments and questions welcomed, encouraged, desired!


  1. Nice fight and great commentary. Best of luck in the feature!

  2. Awesome commentary for someone like me who doesn't know/understand the sport.
    Thank you.
    Where do we bet for the next fight ? : )

  3. Congrats on the W Terrence! Are you making it down to the WSOP this year?

  4. Great fight and commentary really love this video.
    Thank you for sharing this Terrence :)