Friday, July 6, 2012

Jarred Solomon responds to my post

I woke up this morning to see that poker pro Jarred Solomon (who himself has eight WSOP cashes in 2012) had responded in the comments section of my post last Monday, in which I discussed my pursuit of the single-season WSOP cashes record. I don't have time to respond immediately, but the comment is clearly thoughtful and and I don't want to simply ignore it or have it buried in the comments, so I am promoting it to its own post here.

Hey Terrence

I want to start off by saying what a big fan I am of you.Both the way you play the game and the way you are with social media.Your tweets are always witty and entertaining.Most of all,I love how you have such good balance in your life(the martial arts,nutrition,active blogging).I feel it's something that's fundamental and extremely rare in the lifestyle of the modern day poker professional.

I do however have a small grievance with you.You have this knack of 'covering yourself' for lack of a better term.You build something up so that if it comes to fruition you get to experienced an almost enhanced glory,but if things dont work out you simply play it down.In the early/middle stages of the series,you made it clear that the 'cash record' was a big goal for you,and something you were actively pursuing.All of a sudden it's somewhat out of reach and now it's a nit record,and not one that anyone good respects.You even go as far as to say "it's not a record i'd be particularly proud to have". Whether this is true or not,it clearly wasn't your view when you were leading the cashes tally,or when you folded to three quarters of a blind in the PLO 8 tourney.

You doing the same thing with this 1k tourney and your grappling competition.You're going to try your heart out in the tourney,if you bust,you and everyone forgets about it and focuses on the grappling comp.And vice versa if you make day 3.With regards to the grappling,if you do well you're a hero for doing so without much training,but if you don't do well I'm sure you'll highlight the condition you're in and your lack of training(like you have already).I know I'm somewhat clutching at straws,I'm just trying to emphasize my point from the above paragraph.

I probably wouldn't have gone on this rant if you'd simply acknowledged Konstantin Puchkov in a bigger way.Not only did the guy tie the record,but he got a couple big results,unlike you and Joe who's resume was comprised mainly of min cashes.What makes it even more admirable is that he got it idone quietly,while you and Tehan were boasting about your tally at every opportunity you got.The guy may not look like a shark,but he's a great white,and has earned my respect in a big way.

Good luck for the main event and the grappling comp,will be rooting for you...

Jarred Solomon

I plan to respond to this post this weekend, but curious what others think. Does Jarred have a valid point?


  1. What he describes is just human nature, it is difficult to overcome that kind of thinking and, uh, posturing, especially in someone who has a public following (as you do).

  2. I dunno enough about the poker side of things to respond but mad respect out of HK for you on the grappling and MMA side of things. For one I'm glad to see a brother so open about things central to his lifestyle and way that he bothers to post about them! Ooooosssssss!

    Luc @ GRIPS MMA gym - Hong Kong

  3. I remember you associating the most cashes record with Cousineau, which to me means you made it a nit goal of sorts at the beginning of the series. In fact I thought you were disappointed that your series wwas turning into a "most number of cashes" kind of series instead of a "one giant bracelet" series (of course combining both would be the best way to go since they aren't mutually exclusive, and a ME bracelet would certainly be major icing). - Cheers . . .Sabyl

  4. I think it's human nature put oneself in a psychological freeroll, like standing up when you're all-in, or saying "I know you have me beat, I call." You're either correct and lose, or you're wrong and win. (win/win)

    I'm not sure if that's exactly the kind of thinking Jarred is accusing you of, but whatever irked him doesn't sound like much of an issue to me. It certainly doesn't seem like a harmful mindset to have.

  5. I don't think in any of the many conversations that we've had during the series that you have ever presented the cashes goal as something you cared hugely about, or that you were proud of leading the series in cashes - every time we ever discussed it, you seemed pretty consistent that while min cashing is better than not cashing, the series had been a bit of a tease for you and that you'd have traded any number of small cashes for one deep run. You did mention it in twitter/blog often, but really what else was there to talk about?

    I also don't think you "cover yourself" in the manner he describes - you just don't claim to be overly committed to things you aren't completely committed to. You might mention that "X would be nice" but you aren't (as far as I know) doing that while secretly staying up all night thinking "oh god if I can't do X I'm going to be crushed" - I do realize that this public blase attitude but private committment is common in many, and maybe he's just misinterpreting you as doing that.

    Your posts about the pro fights are much more clear that this is your goal, you are putting everything you have into it, and you'll be devastated if you fail - there's no "well, I'm kind of inexperienced, not really that prepared, hopefully it goes well..." tone to them.

    - David

  6. (i attempted to comment before but lost it)

    1. i don't understand why it would be your duty to say anything more about that russian guy other than the relevant fact of him overtaking you. it's not your duty to know every good player out there and even if it were it's not your duty to give them props.

    2. (granted i know you a little but:) i never got the impression that you considered the cash record a 'big' goal. your frequent mentions had more to do with the fun narrative -- i mean, if i were in the running for 'most shits taken in a month' i would be tweeting about it every five minutes. that doesn't mean it became much less had ever been some lifelong goal.

    3. i can be as petty and oversensitive as anyone about internet megalomania, but i really do not get what jarred expects from you. admittedly i am inclined to give you the benefit of the doubt, but he seems to give you none. you post a lot about events you're playing in because you're excited about them and because THAT IS THE POINT OF TWITTER. you don't post about events you've busted out of're not in them any more and because you do what every professional does and look forward to the next one. what does he want you to do, tweet for the next 24 hours "I WISH I WERE STILL IN #36 BECAUSE I CONSIDER IT A VERY PRESTIGIOUS EVENT WHOSE EVENTUAL WINNER WILL NO DOUBT BE A HIGHLY SKILLED PLAYER ALBEIT POSSIBLY WITH LESS NAME RECOGNITION THAN ME!!!!!" give me a fucking break.

    btw, if i ever use the phrase "enhanced glory" in a non-ironic way, please just punch me in the nuts.

  7. Hi T. I have, and always have had, a great deal of respect for you but in an effort to "keep it real", you're asking for an objective reply from people (fans) who have favorable biases towards you.

    Simple reply to your conundrum is to merely reverse the roles. Had Konstantin Puchkov publicly declared that his goal was to win the cash record but fell short to you, how would you feel if he then stated that he would not have been particularly proud of the achievement had he accomplished it?

    In my opinion, Jarred's grievance is reasonable. As a public figure and high standing member of the poker community, it's fair to expect you to graciously admit defeat and to congratulate the individual that outdid you.... this time.


  8. Enhanced Glory...what a great product. It has relieved me of my flaccidity and has made me feel decades younger.
    I tried both Viagra and Cialis but Enhanced Glory really brings a special blue hue all the way down in my plums. I can feel it in my plums!

    But seriously, Puchkov did what most people can never even dream of doing. It's not cool to diss his record. On the other hand, it was pretty cool of you to bring attention to Solomon's post. By doing so I would say you have come close to restoring karmic balance.

    It's a common defensive mechanism. When something is out of reach, one tends to downplay it's significance. I suck at marathon running so I tell myself (and others) that long distance running is for chumps. It makes me feel less impotent and allows me to Enhance my Glory.

    In truth, I didn't see your post as a belittlement of Puchkov's accomplishment until I read Solomon's post. Nonetheless, what he wrote was insightful.

    Andrew from Cascades

  9. Facts: 1) everyone's thought process is different 2) you can't please everyone 3) this is your blog, your thoughts, and your audience.

    I don't get the impression that you are belittling others as much as you are trying to better yourself.