Monday, October 17, 2011

My WSOPE is officially in the Cannes

I busted early on Day 2 of the main event of the WSOPE, meaning my chances of bringing my 2011 tournament year to even a respectable level are starting to slip away. The only poker tournaments I plan to play for the remainder of the year now are the BC Poker Championships in two weeks and the APPT Macau in November. I've always been a cash game player and I've never played more than 30-35 poker tournaments a year, but this is the first year since I started playing them seriously at all that has just been a total airball. Overall I'm down about $70k playing tournaments this year, which is basically an insignificant amount in the poker tournament world, but annoying nonetheless.

Regardless, there is much to be thankful for on the week following Canadian Thanksgiving.  I've done well enough playing limited hours online.  I have a sponsorship deal, which puts me in a seemingly shrinking minority of poker players every day.  The real estate I own has done well and my financial health is solid. My physical health is just as good, and while I've enjoyed this trip I'll be glad to get back to the gym, where three of my teammates are fighting on next month's Battlefield card.

Cannes was a great getaway though and everything I wanted in a post-fight getaway (other than winning millions of Euros).  I worked out a bunch and stayed in shape here, working with Elky and his trainer, Lincon, but it was not the relentless, stressful grind of fight camp.  While not training, I ate wonderful food, hung out with people, and got as much sun as I could in the context of playing a poker tournament (and more than I would have gotten in Vancouver anyway).  And even if the results were lame, I played well and had fun doing so.

Just call me Mr. Glass Half Full, I guess.