Sunday, October 23, 2011

My fight in pictures

Everyone keeps asking for video, video, video. Still none yet; Battlefield told me after November they can put it up on Facebook. Let's hope. Anyway, my old poker friend Kevin Wong is apparently now an MMA photographer. He was kind enough to send me close to 300 photos which pretty much sum up the event in pictures; I've selected a few dozen of them:

Fighters: more weight-obsessed than teenaged girls

Warming up backstage with Kirk

Final instructions

Measuring the ring, getting a feel for distance


Nah, just way too happy to fight!

Touch of gloves

This was the uppercut I mentioned that reminded me I was in a fight.

Takedown into mount

Almost bridges off the cage but I keep side control

Trying to crucify

Too much space on the armbar

He starts to escape

This was the second armbar that was very deep. Note unnatural bend in elbow.

End of Round 1, gathering my breath

A little bit tired

...but still having way too much fun

Thinking about a mounted triangle

But the game plan was stay on top if the submission isn't there

Ref starting to think about stopping it

Getting closer...

Best feeling in the world

Apparently I decided now is a good time for a cardio workout...

Backstage again

All smiles after the win. Until next time...

The End.


  1. Nice set. I like the way you managed to get your sponsor's logo in a great action shot. :)

  2. Do you still have your mouthpiece in? Just kidding, very cool photos. You looked pretty calm and relaxed throughout.

  3. I think it was about 6 hours later that I'd removed the last piece of equipment from my body.

  4. You look fantastic, TC. Great job, cannye wait to see it on FB.