Thursday, July 28, 2011

Terrence's new blogging home

After putting up with their many outages, I've left my old LiveJournal behind. LiveJournal was good to me, but the frequent DDOS attacks and their ability to handle them were, in the end, just too annoying to put up with. I've also wanted to use this domain that I've held for four years and never put to use, and with Blogger I can easily do that.

So, please re-direct your bookmarks, reset your feeds, and tell your friends! Thanks!


  1. Looks like you are off to a good start. There is a good support network online but let me know if you have any questions as to layout or design. For example it is possible to change the font and font size of the description ("Follow me...") but it is not intuitive and requires editing the HTML. On the other hand probably only a nit like me would care. :)

  2. Thank god.

    What are you doing with potlimitfighter?

  3. I'm not sure. As stated in my newest post, I'm not too excited to give details on what I'm working on in the gym in advance of this fight, but I may continue to keep potlimitfighter around as a friends-only journal.

  4. So, this is 50+ year-old life-nit asking this question, but is there any long-term danger to routinely getting punched in the face? I mean, I understand you can suffer an acute injury, but that can happen doing damn near anything.

    My question/concern is if you're (e.g.) scrambling your gray matter over repeated punches to the face?

    Regards, Lee

  5. The main risk is chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). CTE is a degenerative disease likely to be caused by multiple concussions. It is starting to make headlines because of football (Google "Dave Duerson" for a particularly tragic story) but participants of any sport that involves repeated head trauma is potentially risk, whether football, hockey, boxing, or MMA.

    CTE is a relatively new diagnosis, so not much is understood about it. They're just now starting to get autopsies of dead football players and making post-mortem diagnoses of CTE. And as little as they know about CTE, even less is known about the cumulative effect of non-concussive blows to the head.

    Head trauma is certainly a concern to me, but I am getting into the game at a relatively late age, so it's unlikely I'll have a 15-year career of being hit in the head. I've luckily never had a concussion, and never really ever been dizzy from a blow. If I start suffering (a) concussion(s) then certainly it could be time to reevaluate things.